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Integrated Territorial Investments and New Governance Models in Poland

Martin Ferry, Sylwia Borkowska-Waszak
Keywords: ESIF, IDS, Integrated Development Strategies, territorial strategies, urban strategies, Poland, ITI, Integrated Territorial Investments

This article reviews how Poland is implementing Integrated Territorial Investments (ITIs) and sustainable urban development (SUD) strategies. Enhancing integrated, partnership-based approaches to the governance of urban development initiatives is seen by policy-makers as an important added value in these initiatives in Poland, as traditions of inter-municipal cooperation are weak and there are few instruments that provide incentives to Polish local authorities to coordinate their investments. The article provides an overview of the current status of these instruments in Poland and how they are being implemented. It compares the cases of two SUD strategies in Katowice and Lublin that have adopted different implementation models, providing detailed examples at local level of the operationalisation of SUD, along with policy recommendations gathered from implementation experience so far.

Martin Ferry is a Senior Research Fellow at the European Policies Research Centre, University of Strathclyde. He specialises in regional economic development and policy governance in Central and Eastern Europe and the United Kingdom. The views expressed in this article are personal.

Sylwia Borkowska-Waszak is a PhD researcher at the EPRC (Current PhD topic: The role of political and administrative factors during EU Cohesion Policy implementation in CEE: the case of Integrated Territorial Investments in Poland). The views expressed in this article are personal.


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