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Pilot Project JESSICA in Slovakia in 2007–2013

Experience with the Pilot Project JESSICA in Slovakia

Michaela Kollárová, Dana Pištová

All people desire to live in the most beautiful and desirable environment. However, the quality of housing not only reflects the socioeconomic conditions of people’s lives, but, to a certain extent, it reflects the level of maturity of the community in question. Joint European Support for Sustainable Investment in City Areas (JESSICA), an innovative financial instrument, is based on the use of repayable forms of financing and is mainly directed to improving housing infrastructure, energy efficiency and a thorough renewal of existing residential buildings in urban areas. The positive experience with the pilot project JESSICA in Slovakia serves as a prime example for the preparation of new investments using innovative financial instruments for the programming period 2014-2020. Due to both insulation and reconstruction, long-term energy savings are achieved in exchange for heating that is increasing the energy efficiency of buildings. JESSICA helps to improve the physical condition of the existing housing stock and prolongs its life whilst protecting the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. By directing saved financial resources from JESSICA into the Housing Development Fund, it meets the demand of the inhabitants interested in insulation and housing renewal. JESSICA has had a positive impact on the aesthetics of settlements and the overall development of the urban environment.

RNDr. Michaela Kollárová, Head of EU Structural Funds department; Michaela Kollarová has been working for the State Housing Development Fund since 2012, already having 10 years of experience in project management. She coordinates and manages various implementation mechanisms in order to support housing infrastructure from the Structural Funds. She deals with the problem of energy efficiency in buildings. She is involved in the preparation of statistical studies and strategies for investment activities in the Slovak Republic.; Ing. Dana Pištová, Director General of the State Housing Development Fund; Dana Pištová has been working for the State Housing Development Fund since 2012. She worked in the bank sector from 1991, where she managed large retail branches in business plans performance with the highest competence for the approval of retail and SME loans. Due to her professonal experience and managerial success in the financial sector, she is included in the biographical encyclopedia of the important men and women in the Slovak Republic "Who‘s Who“.


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