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A Macro-regional Strategy for the Alpine Region

Christina Bauer

In the past two years actors from various administration levels representing different parts of the Alpine Region have been soliciting for a European Strategy for the Alpine Region and achieved successful results. In its meeting on 19th – 20th December 2013, the European Council invited the European Commission to elaborate a macro-regional strategy for the Alpine Region until June 2015. What is the added value of such a macro-regional strategy? Which thematic fields shall be covered and which governance structure shall be established for the implementation of the strategy? What lessons can be drawn from the existing strategies for the Baltic Sea and the Danube region? Which role shall the future transnational co- operation programme Alpine Space take towards the upcoming strategy? This article aims to answer these questions by reflecting on the positions and initiatives taken for the Alpine Region macro-regional strategy. Moreover, it shall contribute to channel discussions in the next phase of preparing this strategy.


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